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I was appointed as a Consultant eye surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham in July 2008.

I trained at University College London before completing my fellowship from The Royal College of Ophthalmology (London) in Oxford at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

During my training I had the opportunity to work at both The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and also Cape Town University Hospital in South Africa.

Since joining the Queen Elizabeth Hospital I have been able to develop and refined state of the art cataract surgical techniques for the treatment of both NHS patients, and military patients at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine.

My work on traumatic eye injuries was shown in the BBC One documentary Wounded, and has featured in the Telegraph.

I perform over 1500 small incision cataract operations each year as outpatient procedures under local or topical anaesthesia. 


Our Promise

As a fee assured consultant your insurance will fully cover the costs of any treatment or surgery required.

If you are self funding I will ensure that you are offered the most cost effective treatment.

Our Vision

To ensure each patient receives the right advice to achieve their best potential visual outcome through safe and pain free surgery.


 "Mr Glover explained all aspects of my treatment in an uncomplicated manner both during the eye examination and the actual treatment. In fact it was difficult to comprehend that the actual surgery was undertaken so quickly and quietly without incident. It was an experience without trepidation and I commend the treatment I received". 

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